Bono Infantil

The Child Voucher is an aid that the Generalitat Valenciana grants to families who school children up to 3 years of age, in the Certified Nurseries of the Valencian Community during the school year, from September to June

Until now, this aid has been universal, received by all families who requested it, receiving a monthly amount, depending on the age of the enrolled child. For the next academic year, families with a joint income of more than €72,460 per year* will be excluded

For the 2022/2023 academic year, the aid granted, depending on the year of birth, will range between the following amounts:

bono infantil

Born in 2023

Between €70 and €120 per month

Born in 2022

Between €70 and €120 per month

Born in 2021

€280 per month

*Para calcular la renta anual hay que sumar las casillas 430 y 445 de la declaración de la renta.

Tax Deduction

In the Valencian Community, women can deduct 15% of the amounts paid for nursery during the tax period, for children under three years of age, with a maximum of €270 for each child.

In order access to this deduction, the parents who live with the child must be self-employed or work for others from which they receive their incomes, pay taxes in Spain

And the sum of the boxes 488 and 495 of the income tax on pages 13 and 14, respectively, must not exceed:

  • 25,000 euros in an individual income tax.
  • 40,000 euros in a joint income tax.

In addition, there is a tax deduction of €1000 for working mothers that pay taxes in Spain. Click below for more information. Information Model 233 Information Model 233


Collaborating companies

Sodexo, Edenred, Flexoh and Up Spain

We are a collaborating company of these entities, so to facilitate monthly payments, they can be made through these companies.

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