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Nutrition during early childhood is essential to lay the nutritional foundations for the rest of life, as well as to protect the child from possible diseases. The organism of the little ones is in full development, which is why it is essential that they receive balanced and healthy nutrition from conception.

For this reason, in our center we have our own kitchen where our chef prepares every day a balanced menu designed by a nutritionist. We have menus adapted to the needs of each child, either at the level of presentation (pieces, crushed, puree…) or content (allergens and food intolerances).

  1. 1. The elaboration of all the food is done daily in our kitchen.
  2. 2. Periodically we have controls carried out by the Health Authorities.
  3. The kitchen is open to all moms and dads to find out, check, taste, etc. the different menus.
  4. The menu will be given to you at the beginning of the course.
  5. The water that your children drink is osmotic water
Comida Sana
Comida Sana

Digital diary

One of the means of communication with families is our virtual agenda “Schooltivity”.

Every day we send all the infomation related to each child: naps, meals, bottles…

We have a chat where you can contact your child’s teacher at any time for any information.

Weekly we send photo albums where you can see everything your children have worked on throughout the week, accompanied by a didactic explanation from the teacher.

Likewise, at the end of the quarter you will have a heading of each one of the advances that have been achieved throughout those months and the methodological lines for the next ones.


As a nursery, we have our psychologist specialized in early care, who follows the evolution of the children and controls, together with the Educators, the small problems that may arise in behavior or development.

Her objective is to detect if there are special needs in the students and, where appropriate, inform the families and work accordingly.

Child psychomotricity

At the center we are committed to the development of psychomotricity from all possible areas.

Psychomotor skills allow the boy and girl to explore and investigate, overcome and transform conflict situations, interact with others, enjoy group play and express themselves freely.


  • • Awareness of one’s own body standing or moving.
  • Mastery of balance.
  • Control of the various motor coordinations.
  • Breath control.
  • Orientation of body space.
  • Improvement of creativity and expression in a general way.
  • Rhythm development.
  • Memory improvement.
  • Discrimination of shapes, colors and sizes.
  • Notions of situation and orientation.
  • Organization of space and time.

The psychomotricity sessions take place every week with a specific teacher for it. Depending on the level and adapting to the capacities and needs of each group, the proposed activities, as well as their duration, vary. For all this we have a child psychomotricity program prepared for our school.

Timetable and calendar


Hours of the center courses 22-23


Course calendar 22-23

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